Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baz's technical info

Baz recently gave us technical details of what set-up he uses on stage and we thought it may be of interest to any guitarists out there. Here's what he said:

I use 2 Marshall half stacks...a JCM 800 which i run clean(ish) and a JCM 900 which i run dirty...the settings change from time to time but the only constant is plenty of bottom end and not too much top on each amp...playing a Fender Telecaster you don't want it to sound too thin. The pedals i use are all Boss,with the exception of the overdrive which is a custom made thing that a guy up in the north east makes for me...the Boss pedals are; reverb/delay/tremolo/chorus/phaser and are all powered by a Boss Tu2 tuner which mutes the signal so you can tune in silence.And that's it really...no magic tricks or gizmos just a couple of amps,a bunch of old pedals and a couple of Telecasters(a '76 and a '77)...