Thursday, December 9, 2010

One year on...

Amazingly, it is now a whole year since we took over the running of the band’s site. Time has flown by, as there’s always been a lot to write about owing to the band’s hectic 2010.

The reason for this first non-band member ratter is two fold. Firstly, to thank all the people who helped us during the set up period and first year of the new site. Secondly, to ask you, the ‘consumers’ of the site, what you think of it so far…

Firstly then, we would like to thank a whole load of people who have generally aided and abetted since the changeover from Adrian Liggins’ Rat’s Lair last winter.

Unsurprisingly, the band members are top of the list. They have been wholeheartedly supportive, providing help, advice, knowledge and encouragement. In addition, they have all contributed greatly to both the site and the ratter blog.

Secondly, Sil Willcox and Al Hale, the band’s management for providing valuable and current information when time is of the essence. They have also gracefully tolerated numerous chasing phone calls and pestering emails.

Next is the band’s ever present and helpful tour manager Gary Knighton, who has given detailed information to fill in any gaps. Special mention should also go to roving reporter Ava who has provided some brilliant unseen photos, many from behind the scenes.

We’d also like to pass on our thanks to the many fans out there who have contributed to the site or given support and encouragement. Last, and by no means least, to our respective families who have put up with the additional workload in our already busy daily lives…

Thanks to all of you for making this first year so memorable.

Finally, we’re really interested to know what you, the readers, think of the site. Web stats give encouraging signs of rebirth for the site but it’s better to hear from real people. Constructive criticism, suggestions and general feedback are more than welcome. Please can you reply to this ratter, as you would to a band member’s one, or alternatively email direct to the site. Thanks.

Looking forward to 2011

Stranglers’ Official Site (S.O.S)
Formerly the Rat’s Lair

O&D/9th December 2010


  1. I think thanks need to go "the webmasters" for the sheer amount of effort firstly in the site itself, it's a very nice clean and well presented site and also for the content which must take hours and hours of work, patience and massive effort.

    The site as it stands today is a real tribute to the band. I'm geniunely excited when there's an update. Keep it up! THANKS

  2. Thanks for all the quality work you've done this year on both The Stranglers main site and The Ratter. I really appreciate having the regular updates on a wide variety of Stranglers related subjects. Congratulations and very well done!

  3. A very classy and slick website now.
    A credit to all that contribute and run it.
    Keep up the good work.

    It's one of my start up pages at my work ;-)

  4. Brilliant; informative, interesting, innovative. Ratter is a great addition.

    Thank you...


  5. Excellent website. Check it everyday. Couldn't live without it.

    Thank you

  6. Great job.
    Maybe strippers on the screen as an extra?
    Keep up the good work.

  7. A terrific site - informative, nicely laid out and regularly updated - well done guys! For people like myself, who live overseas, it's particularly useful for us to get early warning from the site of events like the convention, so that we can plan future trips to the UK around them! Keep it up! All the best


  8. C'est le meilleur site du web !
    Je le consulte tous les jours et je vous souhaite, un peu en avance, une excellente bonne année 2011 à vous et à vos proches.

  9. Great site! Informative and easy to use. Thanks for the past year, here's to many more. See you in November 2011. Thanks

    Andy Mills

  10. Friends,Romans and Countrymen.I'm feeling dramatic.To be serious,an excellent job to the web Ninja and team.It is finally worthy of the boys in black.A very happy Xmas in Black to you.Can i just take this opportunity to mention that my brother passed away a week ago,he got me into The Stranglers,his memory will live on.

  11. A very slick,fast loading and easy on the eyes website topped off with no adverts .merry xmas to everyone lets hope 2011 is even better.

  12. Cheers to everyone involved with the running of the site and a special thank you to the band, management etc for giving their support to the new look 'Rats Lair'.

    I personally feel that fans & band have now been brought a little closer together..AaH!

    Anyway, I love the fact that we fans can now get the latest news/developments within The Stranglers camp as and when it happens.This is a major change because during the last 10 years the official site would be the last place I would visit for up to date news about The Stranglers!

    Keep up the good work folks.


  13. dave garside rochdaleDecember 11, 2010 at 12:50 PM

    the mutts nutts,no complaints to a great job done ,,keep it can depend on up to date news ......on the bounce.

  14. this site is outstanding guys, everything we as fans need to know, is right here, brilliant, all the best to you for the future.

  15. The site looks great. Up to date information, now and then a word from the band, fine lay-out.
    maybe you can put some downloads on the site as the last singles were downloads.
    And strippers, that would be a great idea ;-)

    Keep up the good work and many many thnx for all the effort put into this all.

  16. Great site, thank you!
    Joy de Viva...
    Send the boys to the USA in 2011!
    We haven't seen Baz yet,
    and we miss the band desperately.

    in the shadows,

  17. Well done on the site, a special thanks on the exclusive news manna you provide.
    It's great to hear/read stuff from the band members.
    I'd love there to be more frequent updates. Maybe even on the 1st of each month, outlining what the band and each of its members are up to, info about new songs in the mill, plans etc. The site goes quiet then erupts it seems. It would be lovely to have a consistent communication.
    I think we'd all like to see any old footage/pics/stuff that we may not have seen before. We can't get enough.
    Jet: open up that scrapbook please....

  18. it is a great site' thats for sure'but I still think the lads should update us on how work on the new album is coming on, i.e. something on the lines of''just put the finishing touches to a new song today' really pleased with it. just come up with a great idea for a song Im working on.
    also whats the title of the album?
    is it coming out on EMI? etc.

    Lifes to Short...