Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dave's Onstage Equipment

Here's one for any keyboard buffs out there. Dave has kindly supplied us with full details of the keyboard setup he uses for gigs:

Here's a complete list of my current gear.

3 x Yamaha CS1X Controller synths (see pic on right)
1 x CME UF5 Controller keyboard (Yamaha don't do a CSX1 4 octave keyboard)
2 x Roland Phantom XR (one for backup)
2 x Novation A station Version 1 (one for backup)

Boss phaser pedal
Bespoke on/off midi pedal
Boss volume pedal
Cry Baby Wah Wah pedal (only used on Dag Dave)

1 x Midi solutions 4 way midi merger
1 x Yamaha O1v96 v2 Digital mixer
1 x Boss EQ Pedal (also used as gain booster)
2 x Passive rack of 4 DI
2 x Mackie SRM 450 Active Monitor Loudspeakers

Dave G/3rd October 2010

Triumph Live pic by Mark Hill
Dave's setup at Hammersmith 2010 pics by Dom P


  1. Intersting, then I guess that's all miked up to the P.A. system. Never seen you guys live though I've seen Hugh twice. Just downloaded all your material onto my I-Pod nano. Sounds great!

  2. mark lumm said...

    see you friday 11th march 2011
    i cant wait for the black and blue tour.

  3. Ashley Street said ...

    When watching from the crowd it's always difficult to pick out what keyboards are being used. A full technical list like this is therefore, very much appreciated.

    For those eagle eyed (or should that be Raven eyed ?) Ratters amongst us, you will have noticed a change in the main keyboard rack since the Decades Apart Tour. The picture posted here from the Hammersmith Odean show 3 CME UF keyboards but the new list has Dave playing Yamaha's.

  4. Just bought tickets for the Apollo Brighton Dome, any chance of adding Relentless to the set list?