Monday, June 27, 2011

Back into the studio...

We finally felt ready to start the recording process.

Quite a few ideas had been rejected, others had been kept on the back boiler not quite complete but not totally disposable.

Are these lyrics naff or are they saying something? Is this just a fourth form rant or is it meaningful? Does this melody remind you of anything or anyone? What rhythm can we hang this melody on? Is this song at the right tempo? Does this piece sound like prog rock? Is there enough space in this one?

Well, the first four pieces are underway. Their titles are Freedom is Insane (which many of you wll have heard during the tour earlier this year), Giants , Time Was Once On My Side and Boom Boom (not the John Lee Hooker song).

Watch this space...

JJB/27th June 2011


  1. Nice one JJ

    Thanks for the insight into The Stranglers creative process.

    Elvis in the clouds.

  2. Let's have an epic 11 minuter follow up in the vein of the Raven or Toiler pleeeeeeeeease

  3. It's quite a long time since the last album... So every information about the new one is well appreciated. Thanks for your message JJ. Looking forward to an update soon. All the best for creating a great new oeuvre.
    Ch. Lafleur

  4. After the new album a new tour?
    Please come to Belgium. It wa so beautifull in Lessines

  5. Great news JJ it's good to have news about the recording work, it relieves the pain for the long wait for the album! I hope to see you live in Italy!

  6. JJ you're great! PS_i've listened your album "song&stories" downloading from some blog on the net..and it's fantastic, you're a monster also on the guitar!Hope to see you soon in Italy!

  7. Matthew BrignallJuly 5, 2011 at 5:37 PM

    Great news that the album is finally being recorded.I hope the standard is as high as "Freedom is Insane".If so it should be a great album.I just hope the production is half decent as I thought "Suite Sixteen" suffered from weak production in my opinion.I think getting in a big name producer to mix it would be a good idea as i think an outside opinion is good for the final product.I look forward to hearing the result.

  8. Can't wait to hear them! Hopefully live in Italy, too ;-) (the first time I saw you live I had you sign one of my basses, a Spirit by Steinberger!)

  9. gr8t news about the album cant wait
    please come to york again soooooooooon

  10. Good news JJ.Always look forward to the next album and next tour as I have done since way back in 77 when i was still a young 14 yr old lol. Got to see you in Bristol this year and was blown away. Now here's an idea for a gig with a difference, I'm a welshman living in Weston Super Mare, although not a biker myself, every Thursday night through the summer is bike night on the beach lawns, good venue for an open air gig I'd say......just an idea!