Saturday, July 24, 2010

Glastonbury weekend

Well, what a varied weekend. We started on the Thursday at the Cheese & Grain in Somerset as a warm-up gig. It went well enough but we had a lot of problems with the sound on stage & (for us) it was hard going. After the show it was back to a local hotel to sleep.

The next day we started fairly early, dropped off most of the cars at the farm & travelled down to Glastonbury. What a massive site. It took a while to get our initial passes & get to the backstage area, then longer to get our dressing room passes & meal tickets, then it was the normal wait in sweltering conditions. At least (for once) it wasn’t chucking it down. On to the stage. At least it wasn’t as hot up there. It seemed to be full up & the audience appeared to enjoy the show as much as we did. I saw at least one raven flag in the audience. At last we’ve played Glastonbury & I hope we’ll do it again pretty soon. What a great time.

After we’d had some food & drink it was back to the farm to pick up the cars & then straight to Gatwick for a few drinks & a couple of hours kip.

The next morning I’m still trying to forget. We had to check in at about 4.00 am for our flight to Krakow, Poland. After the flight it was about 1½ hrs drive to Borek then some rest before a late show at the Easy Rider festival. We were on stage quite late & didn’t get back to the hotel ‘till the early hours on Sun.

Another early start in the morning to get back to Krakow then home. We got back at around 2.00pm & Baz & I drove up & played a charity gig in my village (both feeling pretty knackered).

As I said at the beginning, 4 totally different gigs, but what a weekend. I hope those of you who were at any of the shows enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.

Watch Peaches from Glastonbury here

Dave G/24th July 2010

Steadman gallery pics Ava Rave

Glasto crowd pic Sil W


  1. Thanks for posting Dave !!!

  2. Cheers DG - a pleasure to hear from you as always!
    Intrigued, though - was the Glasto stage "air-conditioned"? Cos it was a damned hot day here in Bristol, and it looked a bit "moist" from the You Tube stuff I've seen.

  3. i just want to say your peformance at glastonbury will stay with me forever my dad was so jelous you are all ledgends in my mind

  4. cheers dave, came over from cardiff and saw you the night before at the cheese and grain.judging by youtube clips you played a blinder at glast but no tv coverage.shame on the bbc..

  5. the one year i don't go to glasto, my favourite band has to play :(

    can't wait for the 2011 tour!

  6. Highlight of my Glastonbury the Stranglers set. Crimminaly overlooked by the BBC in their coverage.Look forward to seeing you in Portsmouth in March.